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          Founded in 1990, GUANGDONG AURICAN HARDWARE TECHNOLOGY CO. , LTD. is a modern enterprise integrated professionally with researching, developing, manufacturing and distributing stainless steel friction stay, transmission rod, handling, pulley, multi-point lock and high quality window and door hardware accessories.It possesses scientific research building and manufacturing base covering an area of almost 50 thousand square meters.

          Awarded as"Famous Trademark of Guangong", "Famous Branding Product of Guangdong", Aurican is an engineering research center for Architectural Window & Door Component of Guangdong.Established the product testing center with complete equipments, Aurican is capable of testing the friction stay according to the international industrial standards. 

          Aurican has been continually participating in Canton Fair and others International Window &Door Exhibitions in China and around the world every year with extensive service to the industry at home and abroad.It has developed a national wide service network throughout different branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang and agencies in other regions in China.Meanwhile, Aurican has become a fixed production base for many international enterprises in Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia, Africa and Middle-East in more than 80 countries.

          Entrusted by Chinese Ministry of Construction in April, 2004, Aurican had become a drafting unit of Construction Industry Standard of PRC for Architecture Windows and Doors Hardware.This national Construction Stand JG/T 127-2007 was enforced from Oct. 1st, 2007.

          Aurican will continue to carry forward the "Quality First, Integrity and Mutual Benefit" policy and "Unity, cooperation, efficiency, innovation" entrepreneurship, and work forward together with all our global partners.
          Aurican open the window for your happy life.
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